Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid made a statement in response to yesterday's statement by US President Donald Tramp.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid issued a statement in response to yesterday’s statement by US President Donald Trump, who is quoted as saying by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban) news agency.
Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid responded yesterday with statements by US President Donald Tramp saying:
Donald Trump’s statements prove the following facts:
1- As we have always said, the power of war and peace is not in the hands of the Kabul government, but the American occupation has the power to begin and end the war and peace, and the new position of Tramp on the peace issue proves this claim. .
2. The American invaders and their supporters shout only the slogan of peace and their main strategy is the continuation of war and occupation, in which Tramp, in his remarks, clearly overturned the issue of peace and understanding of the line.
3. Donald Trump and his allies dismissed the issue of peace, so they are responsible for the war and the bloodshed because they ignited the fire themselves and eliminated the possibilities of understanding and peace.
4. The Islamic Emirate considers peaceful life as its great goal and continues to continue its ongoing jihad because of the end of the occupation, although our enemies only recognize the war, but we believe that resistance is invincible and our endless patience is finally the aggressors of war He is preparing for the acceptance of facts and presents himself at the desk of dialogue and logic.
5. Donald Trump and his adversaries should know that every act has a similar reaction, if they insist on war, our mujahid nation will not welcome them with the bouquet. Our nation has a golden history of redrawing the necked occupiers, the war will only accelerate the waves of jihad and multiply the casualties of American military and military personnel.
6. Tramp must understand that this is not a war, but a war of truth and falsehood; this is the war of libertarians against the invaders, and we will certainly be victorious for our rightful claim and will become the goddess of Afghanistan to the graveyard of another empire.
God willing Allah
Zabiullah Mujahid spokesman for the Islamic Emirate


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