Religious leaders in Bahrain support Shaykh Isa al-Qasim

In a statement on the current situation in Bahrain and the arrest of the citizens of this country Religious leaders in Bahrain said that the Al-Khalifa system follows Pharaoh’s approach.
Religious leaders in Bahrain said the regime in Bahrain is following the footsteps of Pharaoh and Haman and their soldiers, and that the judiciary has become a tool in his hands to suppress a group of citizens.
“We are more convinced of the legitimacy of the popular movement to change this dark reality, which has become the homeland reap its woes, and the citizen has no refuge from his hell.”
“The death penalty, the revocation of nationality and deportation, and even the criminalization of religious rituals and the five Islamic quashes constitute a war against the religious presence and identity of Bahrain and disregard of sacred blood, and this is the maximum threat to any people and in return people do not find a government that defends them, And no state that respects their religion and their constitutional and legal rights, is it expected of any people after that to be ashamed of this humiliation or subject to this injustice?
“Our people continue their national movement with all seriousness and will not abandon their legitimate mandate despite the nose of all means of terrorism and authoritarian threat,” Religious leaders in Bahrain said in a statement.


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