Congress kicks off in Sochi

The Syrian national dialogue conference will be held on Tuesday in the Russian resort of Sochi, with the participation of UN envoy to Syria Stephan de Mistura, while the United States, Britain and France will boycott the conference.
The opening session of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi was delayed for an hour, according to SANA delegate to Sochi.
In the same context, Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Congress opening session delay is due to waiting for a number of participants and observers.
The Kremlin has confirmed that the National Dialogue Conference for a political settlement in Syria is an important step, and his spokesman Dmitry Pskov said it would provide an opportunity to work towards achieving this settlement, adding that the refusal of some parties to participate in the conference will not lead to failure.
The 120 members of the opposition members of the Syrian coalition of opposition forces and leaders of the factions of the Syrian Free Army at night coming from Ankara to participate in the conference, in contrast, 50 opposition figures announced his boycott.
The Kurds announced their non-participation due to the Turkish attack on their northern regions of Syria, and more than 30 Syrian opposition factions rejected the Russian invitation to participate.
Russia earlier announced an initiative to organize a “national dialogue conference” in the southern city of Sochi on November 18 last year. The Russian Foreign Ministry made this announcement by publishing a list of 33 political organizations and a stream of mixed opposition groups close to the Syrian government and Kurdish factions, as well as selected groups of opposition factions that had accepted reconciliation.


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