Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and US President Donald Trump

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman likened US President Donald Trump to violence and impropriety in what he said was a concern for many around the world.
Under the heading “Ibn Salman, wholesale errors”, the French newspaper reviewed some of those qualities and policies, and said that the war in Yemen failed miserably “chilling”
The newspaper pointed out that the assessment of “Mohammed bin Salman” and its contradiction was also apparent when he detained Lebanese Prime Minister “Saad Hariri” in Riyadh and forced him to resign from power in November, before being released by French mediation.
She criticized what she called “the disgusting tendencies of the Saudi Crown Prince towards his neighbors without necessarily appreciating the geopolitical effects of his actions,” in reference to Qatar.
“Ibn Salman accuses Qatar of supporting terrorist groups, although this is a charge that goes to Saudi Arabia on a regular basis and claims Doha’s relations with Iran.” Considering it only pretexts to impose a blockade on this country since June 2017.
Internally, the newspaper reported the arrests of 200 princes and businessmen to increase state resources.
Bin Laden’s arrest of Prince Muttib, the son of the late King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, and his takeover of the National Guard forces, which followed Maba’ab as a full hegemony over the kingdom, was seen as weakening the alliance between the Al-Saud family and the tribes.
“The plant can not grow by dragging it to the top, and the reform train implemented by Ibn Salman is very brutal and would generate an explosion,” the paper warned of the fallout of wage cuts, rising water, electricity and gasoline prices and imposing value added on goods. A former official at Total, a French company in Saudi Arabia.


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