The Iranian President sent a message to the Iranians on the occasion of the Iranian New Year from the city of Kermanchah on March 20, 2018. ©

The Iranian president sent a message to the Iranians on the occasion of the Iranian New Year, marking the beginning of the year 1397.

“The year 1396 was a year of success and multiple victories for the great Iranian nation. The new year will be, as we wish, that of support for domestic production and the growth of employment, “said Hassan Rohani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“The unity of the Iranian nation has surprised all enemies who have been forced to recognize the greatness of our nation. As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said, this new year will be the year of national production and support for Iranian productions as well as the year of jobs and prosperity, “said President Hassan Rohani. Kermanchah, where he is among the Iranians affected a few months ago by an earthquake.

“I extend my greetings to the great Iranian nation, to the Iranians living in Iran and to all those who live abroad, and finally to all our neighbors who are also celebrating Norouz,” said the Iranian president, adding: “Last year was the year of victory and success for the Iranian nation, especially at the time of the elections when there was a considerable presence of the people, an extraordinary rivalry between the candidates and finally the great victory of the people and of his will, even though the enemies wanted to sow discord among the Iranians. ”

“These elections ultimately had only one winner who was the people of Iran. And the Iranians once again showed their greatness to the world, by remaining in solidarity with the various tragedies they experienced this year: earthquakes in Kermanchah and Kerman, the plane crash in the Zagros Mountains “, reminded the Iranian president.

“Finally, the Iranians have not accepted the wave of protest that hit some cities in the country recently. They have come out in the streets to defend their safety and to call for the end of unrest and violence. They clearly said that their compatriots had a right to protest but not a right to the exercise of violence. And our enemies once again wanted to use the opportunity to harm us and they happily failed once more. “


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