Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

This came during a meeting between the Palestinian president and the leadership to congratulate Salamah al-Hamdallah and Faraj. Abbas said during the meeting: “The result of reconciliation talks with Hamas is an assassination attempt on al-Hamdallah and Faraj.”
Abbas stressed his keenness on the interest of the Palestinian people in the Strip, stressing that there is no party to the division, but there is one party dedicated to the division and impose the authority of a fait accompli illegal, noting that he took legal and financial measures to maintain the national project.
The Palestinian president assumed that if the assassination of Hamdallah and Faraj succeeded, their results would have been disastrous for the Palestinian people and led to a Palestinian civil war.
Palestinian factions called on President Abbas not to take any measures to be classified as sanctions against Gaza after the bombing of the convoy of al-Hamadullah.
“We appeal to President Abbas not to take any action against Gaza that falls within the framework of the sanctions against the backdrop of the assassination attempt on the prime minister,” said Khaled al-Batsh, a leader of the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza.


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