The United States continues to evacuate Daesh commanders trapped in Hasakah. (Photo archive)

Daeshist commanders who were south-east of Qamichli in the province were quickly evacuated by US helicopters.

The United States continues to support Daesh remnants in eastern Syria, the Iranian news agency Fars News reported.

The official Syrian News Agency (SANA) reported that the alleged US-led anti-Daesh coalition on Monday (March 19th) conducted helicopter operations in southeastern Qamichli in Hassaké province in Syria.

US evacuation of Deir ez-Zor’s Daesh leaders: anti-terrorism or pretense? © AFP

Between the villages of al-Jissy and Kalo, south of Tall Hamis, three helicopters from the American coalition carried out helicopter operations, local sources said in Hasaké province. According to these sources, these helicopters bombed the area before landing.

According to local residents, four Iraqi-born Daeshist leaders were taken by helicopter by US military personnel to an unknown location.


Daechists are being fired by the American coalition at Deir ez-Zor. © reseauinternational

In this connection, local sources in Deir ez-Zor announced three months ago that the United States had transferred Daesh leaders from that province to an unknown location. US helicopters flew low over the al-Assad Air Base from the northern ridge of Deir ez-Zor before landing near the al-Bassel Dam in the south of Hassake.

The Russian Reconciliation Center for Conflicted Parties in Syria, Hmeimim, announced that the US-led coalition is still cooperating with the remains of terrorists in Syria.

US military forces have created new units called the “Syrian New Army” near the Hassaké IDP camp, home to separate terrorist groups, said the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria.


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