An Israeli policeman. © AP

While the deepest fear now reigns within the staff of the Israeli army as well as within political circles, an arrest has just taken place, that of a French national. The latter is said to be an employee of the Consulate General of France in Quds, and he is suspected of “smuggling” weapons to Palestinians. The Resistance has sympathizers up to the French Embassy in Tel Aviv!

The information is taken by Reuters: In a statement, the internal security services (Shin Bet) specify that the French national, identified as Romain Franck, used a consular vehicle to escape the controls.

“The consulate employee has smuggled weapons in recent months, using a consular vehicle that allowed him to benefit from lighter security checks at the Erez border crossing, as is usually the case with this type of vehicle, “writes the Shin Bet.

Also according to Reuters, the French would have passed 70 guns and two assault rifles through the Erez station on the border between Gaza and Israel to transport them to the West Bank. He made at least five trips between the two Palestinian territories “.

The consular agent in question is about twenty years old and a driver for the French consulate in Quds. He was reportedly arrested by the Israeli authorities in mid-February. He has been imprisoned for a month without the government worrying too much.

Nine people including a Palestinian security officer working at the French consulate were also arrested in the case, according to the spokesman of the French Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Moreover, the conditions of these arrests remain to be clarified and Frank’s family will have to fear the worst for his health.

For a month, the French and Israeli authorities remained silent on the administrative detention of the driver and other suspects. A long period that raises questions, just days before the visit of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs in the region, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Israel, which fears a “militarization” of the West Bank, would never suspect how the resistance would get a fight against the occupation, says an analyst interviewed by the Iranian news agency Mashreghnews.


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