A joint Pakistan-Qatari maritime exercise was conducted in Qatar waters on 19 March 2018. (Photo by way of illustration)

The Qatari Defense Ministry said in a statement on Sunday (March 18th) that its navy had conducted a joint maneuver with the Pakistan Navy called “Sea Lion 1”.

The statement said it was a three-day exercise involving artillery, rocket and speedboat guns belonging to the Qatari navy’s Himmat warship and the security vessel. Maritime (BASOL) of the Pakistani Navy.

According to Saudi Arabia’s al-Khaleejonline website, these joint exercises include training methods to attack other ships and defend oil and gas fields and combat piracy and smuggling operations.

The exercise was aimed at strengthening defense cooperation between Qatar and Pakistan. The exercise was conducted as part of the Doha Maritime Defense Conference and Expo (DIMDEX 2018) in the Qatari capital.


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