Vladimir Putin

 Thus, the voters who supported Putin became more numerous than those who voted for other candidates or did not come to the polls.
By 4 am [Moscow time], 97.91 percent of the votes had been counted on polling stations. According to them, Putin voted 54 million and 403 thousand and 172 voters.
The Central Election Commission announced that Vladimir Putin had won the support of 52.6 million voters after 95.9% of the votes were counted. This is a record in Russia’s post-Soviet history.
In the 2000 elections, Putin received support from 39.7 million voters (52.9%), and in 2004 – 49.6 million (71.31%) and in 2012 – 45.6 million (63.6%). In 2008, Dmitry Medvedev won the support of 52.5 million voters (70.3%).
In 1993, Boris Yeltsin won the support of 40.4 million people (53.8%) and in 1991, supported 45.5% (57.3%).


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