Iraqis go to an electoral commission office to register on the electoral lists in the holy city of Najaf on March 10, 2018. © AFP

Dictating his desiderata and manipulating the ballot is the reason why Washington insists on being part of the electoral process in Iraq.

According to the Iraqi news website Al-Muraqeb al-Iraqi, “Washington has already begun to pressure the Iraqi government to be part of the election process, under the pretext of ensuring transparency, but it intends to truth impose its desiderata and manipulate the poll.

“The relentless interference of the US administration in Iraq’s internal affairs underscores the White House’s hostile policy towards the Iraqi nation and government and is doing everything it can to manipulate the parliamentary elections, scheduled for May, and channel them in the direction they want.

American Diplomatic Ballets in Iraq

To reinforce their dominance over the political and security sectors of Iraq, the Americans follow a series of permanent contacts with the American authorities and carry out multiple diplomatic ballets in Iraq. They often make suggestions that the Iraqi government is not able to reject.

In the process, Iraqi experts warn against US interference in manipulating elections and drawing a new political roadmap for pro-US Iraqi figures to gain power.

Washington plans to play a leading role in elections

US Vice President Mike Pence recently contacted Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to assure him of “strong support” from the United States for the legislative process and his efforts to ensure the transparency of the election.

There, we must not forget that Washington has deployed its military troops in Iraq, despite the opposition of the Iraqis.

Adel Manaa, an Iraqi political expert, warned against plans by the Americans for the future of Iraq. The telephone conversation between Mike Pence and Haider al-Abadi is part of these dangerous interference.

Washington finances election campaigns

Most Iraqi legislative candidates are counting on US funding, which may favor the White House’s damaging plans for Iraq.

This is exactly why Iraqi candidates will have to learn to face this major challenge that threatens the future of Iraq and neutralize US plots to change the political situation in Iraq.

Safaa al-Assam, an expert on Iraqi security issues, discusses the destruction of an American fighter jet in the province of al-Anbar as evidence of the Iraqi people’s increased opposition to the presence of US occupying forces. He rejects the United States’ explanation that the plane crashed due to technical failures.

“A party has probably shot down the American plane,” he added.

Americans want to occupy four Iraqi provinces

The fact that the United States insists on having a military presence in the four provinces liberated by Daesh is a matter of concern, especially since the Americans plan to keep the constituencies of these four provinces under their watch, while the planes US already overflies the different parts of the Iraqi territory and that 14 US military bases are here and there in Iraq. All this evidence highlights the great plan the Americans are considering for the future of Iraq.

In addition, the United States has previously asked the Iraqi government to allow US advisers to participate in the Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission in order to shape the composition of the next Iraqi government according to their own desires, including, and above all, the continued military presence of Iraq. Americans in Iraq. “


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