Launch of the new Russian intercontinental missile. © AP

Russian citizens participated in a poll in which they dubbed the nuclear cruise missile “Palmyra”, a historic Syrian city freed from the yoke of Daesh.

After President Vladimir Putin, in his last speech, asked the Russians to choose a name for the country’s three new strategic weapons, including nuclear-powered submarines, a laser weapon and a nuclear intercontinental missile they took part in a survey conducted by the Russian Ministry of Defense in which Russian citizens decided to christen the new “Palmyra” nuclear cruise missile.

Palmyra is the name of the Syrian archaeological site that was taken over in Daesh, after the terrorists destroyed and looted many of the city’s historical monuments.

The Syrian army backed by Russian aviation resumed Thursday, March 2, 2017 terrorist group Daesh the city of Palmyra after a 50-day offensive.

In his March 1 speech, Putin called the new cruise missile with a nuclear explosive charge that has been named “Palmyra” invincible, saying he was able to target any target on any place on the earth.


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