According to reports from Afrin, the Turkish army and the Euphrates Shield actually controlled before the attack on three entrances to Afrin east, west and north, while leaving the fourth entrance through which the civilians go towards the mountain of dreams.
The gunmen broke into the Euphrates armor with heavy air support and heavy artillery bombardment around the city of Afrin from the west, while the security units confronted the attackers in the vicinity of Mahmudiya and Afrin Hospital.
For his part, said the Syrian Observatory opposition that “clashes are taking place in the city, which took control of the Turkish forces and factions loyal to the neighborhoods of them.” The Observatory added that the pro-Ankara Syrian factions announced in a statement that “they incursion into the city of Afrin from the eastern and western axes and control of the neighborhoods of Ashrafieh and Gemayeliyah.”
The attack on the city came after the Turkish army and gunmen backed by him on Saturday evening on the central prison and the industrial area west of Afrin, while the roads that branched from the city towards the villages of Kemar and the visit and Kashtar and neighboring fields by hundreds of thousands of displaced.
There have also been deaths among IDPs displaced by long-term exhaustion and poor health and relief services.
The forces of Syria’s democracy “Qdd” has revealed earlier that the Turkish army committed a massacre in the city of Afrin due to heavy shelling, which killed 47 people and dozens wounded.
The administration of the city of Afrin launched an urgent distress call to save the lives of tens of thousands of civilians, saying that the plight of the population worsened when the Turkish army began cutting off water and energy sources from the city.
Spokesman for the Turkish Presidency Ibrahim Kalin said last Thursday that his country “has no intention of handover Afrin to the Syrian government,” and pointed out that the formation of a local administration of the people is one of Ankara’s priorities. He also pointed out that the Turkish forces to go to other areas in Syria after the security in Afrin.


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