France, the United Kingdom and Germany have proposed to their European partners new sanctions against Iran for its ballistic activities and its role in Syria with the aim of convincing the United States to preserve the 2015 agreement on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, according to a document obtained Friday by Reuters.

The document was sent Friday in European capitals, told Reuters two sources close to the case.

The implementation of new sanctions against Tehran would require the green light of the 28 member states.

“We will circulate in the coming days a list of people and entities that we think should be targeted in view of their role publicly demonstrated”, can read in particular in the document.

The proposal will be debated behind closed doors by European foreign ministers on Monday in Brussels, according to diplomatic sources.

On January 12, Donald Trump accepted for the third time since his accession to the White House, to extend the suspension of economic sanctions against Iran while setting a deadline of 120 days for Europeans – May 12 – to revise the agreement on the Iranian nuclear, “the worst” agreements according to him.

France, Germany and Great Britain, as well as the United States, Russia and China, signed this agreement with Iran in July 2015 in Vienna. The Joint Global Action Plan (JCPOA) frames Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for a gradual lifting of sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

The Reuters document points out that Britain, France and Germany are engaged in “intensive discussions” with the Trump administration to “obtain a clear and enduring reaffirmation of US support for this issue. agreement beyond 12 May “.

Discussions also took place Friday in the Austrian capital between delegations from the United States and these three European countries.

US envoy Brian Hook told the press that they had been “very good”. “We agree on many things, and where we disagree, we work to reduce our differences,” he added.

Iran’s top diplomat, Mohammad Javad Zarif, told Iranian state television on Friday that “if the US makes the mistake of withdrawing from the JCPOA, it will surely be a painful mistake for the Americans.”


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