Ansarallah fighters. © AP

Yemeni sources have announced the continuation of fighting between Yemeni forces and Ansarallah to Saudi troops and their mercenaries on the border between the two countries.

The clashes on the Saudi-Yemeni border have multiplied and the names of the villages in the provinces of Jizan, Najran and Asir that have not been affected by the conflicts over the last three years can be counted almost on the fingers of one hand.

Although the Saudi military has been sending many armed elements from the Yemeni provinces to the border battlefields for 18 months, the number of Saudi casualties is increasing dramatically each day.

A military official said in an interview with the Yemeni Marasal site: “Army troops and the Houthis yesterday launched a major attack on the Saudi army bases in the heights of al-Nasour and on the site. of Afrah in Jizan province. A good number of Saudi soldiers were either injured or killed in these operations. Meanwhile, in another Houthi attack on Saudi mercenaries at Jabel Um al-Riah in Assir province, some were wounded and others killed. ”

In Jizan province, there was also another attack on positions of the Saudi army in the heights of Gheis. For the first time, soldiers and armored vehicles of the Saudi army were targeted on the Joubah site and in the village of al-Maazab. In addition, Saudi positions in Sahwa, Thia, Ghalat Hassan, Assir province, were the target of artillery fire by the army and Yemen People’s Committees.

Two other Saudi soldiers, called Awaz Abdullah al-Mahsoun al-Bahiri and Mohammed Salem al-Azidi al-Atawi, were shot dead by Yemeni snipers, who also destroyed two military vehicles on bases in the provinces Najran and Assir.


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