Sheikh Al-Khazali

In an interview with Tasnim International News Agency, the Secretary-General of the Movement of Iraqi Asaab Ahl al-Haq, “Sheikh Qais al-Khazali” that the Iraqi people after the experience of a friend knew who is his friend and who is his enemy and who stood by him and support him and gave him arms and martyrs, and gave money and logistical support to Daish .
He added that the Iraqi people know that the Saudi regime is the second pillar, and the group of enemies of Iraq, which provided billions of dollars in support, with the testimony of the Prime Minister of Qatar (witness witness).
“If the Saudi regime wants to open a new page for the benefit of the Saudi and Iraqi people, then it has to pay the price and compensate for all the harm done to the Iraqi people,” he said.
He added that Iraqi blood is not so easy, but we must stand and we all know that the United States of America took a decision and ratified it in the US Federal Court and initiated the law “Justa” and began to fined and account Saudi Arabia for the three thousand Americans were killed by the bombing of two buildings; One third of Iraq, the displacement of five million, the killing of tens of thousands (of Iraqis), all this and the Saudi regime was one of the main parties, Saudi Arabia should compensate these damages.


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