23 British diplomats

 “Twenty-three British diplomats in Moscow have been declared undesirable persons in the country and are demanding that they leave Russia within a week,” the ministry said in a statement.
The Russian Foreign Ministry also announced that Moscow is withdrawing its approval for the opening of a British consulate in St. Petersburg.
The Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that it had issued a decision to suspend the activities of the British Council in the Russian Federation because of the unstable situation of the Council.
The Russian foreign ministry warned Britain that it reserved the right to retaliate if further “unfriendly” measures were taken against Russia.
The Russian Foreign Ministry, announced earlier, Saturday morning, 17 March, was summoned by the British Ambassador to Russia, Lori Pristo.
The British Foreign Office announced earlier the list of measures against Russia, noting that her country decided to deport more than a third of the Russian diplomats (23 people), and gave them a week to leave the country, as well as to suspend all bilateral contacts and withdraw its invitation to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov To visit the kingdom and freeze the assets of Russia, in response to accusations by London to Moscow on the poisoning of a former Russian officer in Britain, something denied by Russia on more than one occasion.


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