Maxim Hoshar

Sources close to the investigation said that the circumstances of his death and history are unknown.
France has issued an international arrest warrant on 26 December 2014 for assassinations linked to a terrorist organization. On September 15, 2015, the United States blacklisted foreign terrorist fighters. The US State Department announced that Maxim Hoashar, 22, At that time, the head of the US hostage, Peter Kasing, was shown as a humanitarian worker and was kidnapped in October 2013 in Syria.
He grew up in a small town in Normandy with a population of 3,200 for a Christian family. He converted to Salafism in 2009 and then became an Internet fan. Between October 2012 and May 2013, he traveled twice to Mauritania and stayed at the Salafist Study Centers. , And on August 17, 2013, he went to Syria via Turkey, assuring his family that he wanted to take care of the wounded on the front, while the officials of recruitment recruited him in a sympathetic organization.
On the Internet, he was known as the “Abu Abdullah of France” and published a picture of a combat soldier carrying heavy weapons calling for membership in the terrorist organization.


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