Armed individuals drive a tank into a neighborhood in the southern Syrian town of Daraa on May 10, 2016. © AFP

In Syria, the terrorists are preparing a major military offensive in the south, in the hope of repelling the Syrian army and the Resistance fighters.

Thousands of terrorists, armed to the teeth, are preparing to open a new front in southern Syria to counter the Syrian army and its allies in the Resistance.

According to the Arabic-language daily Rai al-Youm, “The intelligence services of Israel, the United States and Saudi Arabia are preparing a major military operation in southern Syria to be led by terrorists. there will be military and logistical coverage in the hope of unbalancing the balance of power and rendering a service to the terrorists who are under pressure in Eastern Ghouta.

In the wake of this American plan, the Syrian army has transported a large amount of military equipment to the northern periphery and the north-eastern periphery of Deraa, especially since the Resistance fighters have sent them to Quneïtra districts. to prevent any state of surprise at the possible attacks of terrorists.

Speaking of Quneïtra and Deraa, no one can neglect their strategic location in southern Syria. These two provinces look like a key to the regions that are along the Syrian map. They also represent a connection point linking southern and central Syria. The provinces of Quneïtra and Deraa extend to the Syrian border with Jordan, occupied Palestine and Lebanon.

Today, international decision-makers are waiting for the start of a new military operation in southern Syria and the way the Syrian government reacts.

In this situation, the Syrian army and its allies are reacting to any new activity in southern Syria by securing the eastern and northern outskirts of Deraa and its operations continue until the entire liberation of the provinces of Deraa and Quneïtra the hands of terrorists.

On the other hand, it is very likely that Israel is launching directly into a military operation in southern Syria to support the terrorists present there. Tel-Aviv is counting on terrorists operating in this region to create a security belt, separating the occupied Golan from the rest of Syria. “


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