Former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks at a press conference with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Joubeir on October 22, 2017, in Riyadh. © AP

The idea of ​​a breakthrough in negotiations with North Korea is proving to be the main reason for the dismissal of the US Secretary of State and the appointment of Mike Pompeo, a seasoned chief of diplomacy especially in the field of security who shares, moreover, largely the opinions of the president, according to some analysts.

The Lebanese daily al-Binaa published an article, trying to come up with the real reasons for Rex Tillerson’s dismissal from his position as US secretary of state.

“Various reasons and motives are being debated for the dismissal of Rex Tillerson, but Arab analysts in the Persian Gulf region are almost unanimous on the idea that the impeachment would have been requested by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia for the because Tillerson was standing with Qatar in the midst of a conflict between the Persian Gulf monarchy and Saudi Arabia and its allies, but speculation does not stop there and even implicates the conflict over the nuclear deal. theory proposes that Donald Trump’s dismissal of Tillerson highlights the US President’s decision to be harder on Iran and Russia on Iran and Syria, especially since Tillerson is replaced by Mike Pompeo, known for his anti-Iranian and anti-Russian tendencies.

As for the American media, they look at two readings that are almost contradictory. The first reading indicates that Trump and Tillerson were in hard-to-hide litigation. United States ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was among the options that could replace Tillerson.

There, Rex Tillerson’s pro-British stance on the Skripal case prompted the US president to speed up the process of his dismissal, as Trump intended to opt for impartiality in this case in order to prevent a new tussle with Russia.

The second reading of this event attributes the appointment of Mike Pompeo to his close relationship with Donald Trump and discusses the idea of ​​advancing negotiations with North Korea as the main reason for the dismissal of the US Secretary of State, because such a sensitive issue requires the involvement of a seasoned chief of diplomacy especially in the field of security, which largely shares the views of the president.

Those who rub their hands after the dismissal of Tillerson, the supporters of the settlement of conflicts with Qatar, or sympathizers of a war in Syria, have all forgotten two very important facts: first, Trump promised, there is weeks, to the King of Qatar, strong support from the United States to resolve tensions in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Second, they forgot how Rex Tillerson was shocked after the US attack on the Shayrat military base in Syria. This state of shock shows that the American president can do whatever he wants without even needing the advice of his secretary of state.

That said, neither Tillerson’s dismissal nor Pompeo’s appointment favors the US mission in Syria, as direct US military intervention in Syria calls for the deployment of at least 500,000 troops, hundreds of fighter aircraft and an annual expenditure of one trillion dollars for the next twenty years and all this, without the victory of Washington in Syria is final.

As for the North Korean issue, the new US Secretary of State has friendly relations with South Korea’s national security advisor and the country’s chief of intelligence, two officials who are the main pillars of negotiations with the country. North Korea on its atomic program “.


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