The Syrian army

The Tasnim correspondent reported that the Syrian army was close to liberating the town of “Hamouriya” completely after breaking into several axes and achieved broad ground progress in them.
In the meantime, the Syrian army responded to the attack this morning by the terrorists of the Front of victory, preceded by suicide bombers who blew themselves up at army sites, the attack killed nine gunmen, including the death of women fighters Nasra.
In a related context began shortly before the departure of gunmen from al-Ghouta after reaching an agreement with the army to settle their situation, and in the meantime, a large number of civilians from the town of Hamuriya and several other towns through the safe crossings allocated by the Syrian state in advance, The equipment is in the entrance to Hammouriya to receive the people leaving the eastern gouta of Damascus.
According to a field source for Tasnim, it is expected to exit more than 2000 civilians from the town of “Hamoriya” and surrounding areas.
Yesterday, a number of officials of the so-called “Corps of the Beneficent” were killed by targeting the Syrian warplanes, an operations room of the “Rahman Corps” in the town of Ein Tirma east of Damascus, which led to the destruction and killing of all those inside. Military “in the” Corps “, called” Abu Mohammed Saif “, and deputy commander of the 120th Brigade, called” Abu Muhammad Jubair. ”
In the north, the Syrian army and its allies foiled a large-scale attack on terrorist groups in the villages of Hamamiyat and Karnaz in the north-western suburbs of Hama, causing heavy losses and regaining control of the village of Karnaz after terrorists infiltrated it in a battle they called the “victory for the press.”
In northern Aleppo, more than 10 civilians, including children, were killed and 25 others were wounded in the Turkish army shelling of the city of Afrin. Helicopters threw leaflets on the city, calling the people of Afrin to leave, and the Kurdish units to lay down their arms amid continuous Turkish shelling of Afrin and its environs. And clashes in the “Maidanki” area.


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