The Yemeni army and Ansarallah fired missiles at Saudi bases in al-Jawf. (Drawing)

A unique and exemplary offensive by the Yemeni army and Ansarallah against a horde of pro-Riyad mercenaries in al-Jawf province resulted in the death of several henchmen.

As part of their operation to stop Saudi aggression against Yemen, the army and People’s Committees (Ansarallah) have targeted the positions of the mercenaries of the Saudi coalition in Safar al-Hanaya in the al-Motoon district of al-Jawf province.

A military source claims that in this attack, mercenary elements were killed or wounded.

Yemeni forces also targeted the mercenary hideout in al-Salan camp in al-Maslub district of al-Jawf province.

Buildings destroyed during Saudi air raids in Ta’z, Yemen, February 12, 2016. © AFP

In addition, Saudi fighters have bombed parts of the Yemeni province of Taiz.

On Tuesday, March 13, the Yemeni Army and People’s Committees released a video recording of their attack on a Saudi military base in the southwestern province of Jizan on the Red Sea coast on the border of Yemen.

On the images broadcast by the Al-Elam al-Harbi (Harbi Press), we see a number of Saudi soldiers lose their lives during the attack on Yemeni forces.

During this attack, Yemeni forces destroyed a vehicle belonging to the Saudi forces.

Since the start of the March 2015 war by the Saudi coalition, thousands of innocent Yemeni civilians have been killed or wounded and millions of internally displaced persons have been identified.

The Saudi offensive against Yemen is intended to allow Yemeni resigning President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi to return to power.


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