According to Lieberman, 4,000 missiles will fall on Israel from the first day, in case of war with Hezbollah and Hamas. © AFP

Israel regards the Hezbollah and Hamas Grad missiles as a threat to its security.

Israeli security and military circles have described Grad’s missiles as Hezbollah and Hamas as a great danger in a possible war, Tasnim quoted the daily Rai al-Yaum as saying.

Meanwhile, it is clear that Israel will enter the war with Lebanon to confront and eliminate Hezbollah. And this, while the Israeli Minister of War, Avigdor Lieberman, recently said that since the 1967 war, Israel had won no war against the Arabs.

Israeli media tries to prepare public opinion for a possible war

The Israeli media, which reflects Israel’s political and security views, is trying to prepare Israeli public opinion for a possible war, and despite its military superiority, Israel will be transformed into a battlefield.

The media also pointed out that the regime’s internal front could not cope with the 4,000 missiles that Hezbollah would fire from the start of the war.

Grad missiles are lurking in Israel

In this respect, a senior Israeli general told Israel’s Wala website that northern and southern Israel will be most at risk. Grad missiles are watching Israel.

The general also added that Hezbollah, Hamas and other groups in Gaza and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula have a large number of missiles.

“The West Bank and al-Khalil are less at risk,” he said before indicating that these missiles have a diameter of 122 mm and they are capable of carrying explosive warheads of 6.5 kg.

The Israeli general also expressed Israel’s concern about the 500-ton Barkan missiles, whose range is only a few kilometers, also capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The Israeli general has continued that “the enemy” owns some of these missiles, and he claims that the Israeli army knows how to deal with this threat by using air raids on the missile launching ramps.

Meanwhile, Israel seems to be preparing for a war, as it has recently put up sirens for alarm in case of missile attack. These sirens are supposed to sound 10 to 12 seconds after the launch of a missile, to allow the settlers to evacuate in shelters provided for this purpose.


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