President of the Egyptian Ghad Party, Mostafa Moussa

President of the Egyptian “Ghad Party”, Mostafa Moussa, announced that he would present his candidacy for the presidential elections on Monday.
Moussa Mustafa Musa, the candidate and the surprise rival of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in the upcoming presidential elections.
He is the head of the Egyptian “Ghad Party” and the president of the Egyptian Council of Arab Tribes, who separated from the “Ghad Party”, then headed by Ayman Nour in September 2005.
Ayman Nour severed Moussa Mustafa Musa from the Ghad Party when he was the head of the party, and the conflict between them intensified in September 2005.
The Party Affairs Committee recognized Musa Mustafa Musa as head of the “Ghad party” in May 2011, following the January 25 revolution. His party merged with 25 political parties in a new coalition, under the name of the Egyptian Congress Party in September 2012.


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