Responsible for the Palestinian Youth Organization, Badr Jibril’s remarks came Monday to Beirut, the Lebanese capital, on the second day of the Fourth World Convention of Solidarity with Palestine, entitled “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine,” organized by the World Campaign for the Return to Palestine.

Badr Jibril said there are problems to be addressed, such as the sale of Palestinian land and the Judaization of Jerusalem due to the deterioration of social conditions.

“I propose the creation of a national fund to support the city of Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories under the supervision of the mufti and the church in the occupied territories.”

Jibril added that the Zionist enemy is spraying toxic soil on the farmland that prevents the appearance of grass, a new war to kill the internal resources of the Palestinian people’s strength.

He stressed that Palestinian fishermen are systematically subjected to systematic killings in Gaza.

– Side of the statement by the head of the Palestinian Youth Organization Badr Jibril

– Head of the Palestinian Youth Organization Badr Jibril


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