The Royal Saudi Navy during military exercises, in the Strait of Hormuz and in the Arabian Sea. © SPA

The Saudi news website Ajel announced that Saudi Arabia and the United States have begun their fourth joint military maneuvers, dubbed “Friendship 2018” in the northern kingdom.

These military exercises began Sunday, March 11, and will last several days. The Saudi land troops and the American G.I. are involved in these maneuvers.

As for the US-Saudi military exercises, Saleh al-Zahrani, a Saudi army general, said: “These joint military maneuvers are among the most important military exercises that Riyadh conducts every year.”

“The purpose of these exercises is to increase the preparation of military units, the use of new combat technologies and the use of heavy and semi-light weapons,” he said.

In the same vein, the Deputy Commander of the Saudi Army Brigade 8 declared that the “Friendship 2018” military exercises are a continuation of the previous exercises, encompassing the training of military forces and the exchange of experiences in the armed forces. classical and asymmetrical wars.

US troops, participating in these exercises, arrived in the region a few days earlier with their military personnel and technical equipment.


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