Chinese President Xi Jinping after receiving the vote of Parliament. © Xinhua

The Western media have not been tender with the Chinese government that has just lifted the two-term limitation of the presidency.

By 2.958 votes in favor, two against and three abstentions, the deputies of the National People’s Assembly (ANP) thus voted in favor of a secret ballot a change of the Constitution, which limited the presidential term to two times five years. A two-thirds majority was required. The limit of two terms was in the Constitution since 1982.

Western critics immediately began to target this decision of the Parliament, using it to criticize Xi Jinping’s autocratic excesses, going in some places to compare the country to North Korea, which they describe in their entirety. and through as a dictatorship. Some newspapers even thought to see through President Xi Jinping, the reincarnation of the founder of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong.

Is that the case?

The Chinese media do not share this opinion, because it is after all the massive vote of the deputies of Parliament who as delegates of the people have chosen to return to the strong man of Peking its full power. The Global Times newspaper wrote in its editorial that Western political theories were useless and outdated and did not apply to Chinese society. “We are confident that maintaining Xi Jinping’s leadership is the key to China’s progress.” The Western political system applied in developing countries in recent years has brought nothing but disorder. and anarchy, “the paper wrote in reference to the appalling experience of exporting” Western democracy “via war or colorful revolutions in the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

For its part, China Daily noted that the reform introduced in the Constitution did not grant a lifetime power to all leaders. “Some in the West, driven by fanatical ideologies about China, make false estimates,” the Chinese daily wrote.

What is the West afraid of?

At a time when Western democracies are experiencing an identity crisis, the Chinese Communist Party’s approach is a response to the need of a giant who continues to rise and has clear plans and wants to give them the means to achieve them.

The French expert Pascal Boniface remarked in an article: “With 89 million members, the CCP represents a force without any equivalent.The legitimacy of power does not reside in the works of Marx or Mao, but in the success Since the pragmatic shift made by Deng Xiaoping in the early 1970s, 700 million Chinese have emerged from poverty. ”

And the author thus compares all the difference between the American system and the Chinese system, both of which are subject to free trade: “If today we had to designate the most powerful man in the world, it would be Xi. Jinping: Of course, the GDP of the United States is still much higher than that of China, but Donald Trump is entangled in a series of internal difficulties when Xi Jinping has his hands completely free, even with 700 million Internet users the CCP still has tight control over the people and China, if not a totalitarian state like in Mao’s day, remains an authoritarian system Xi Jinping takes advantage of the difficulties of American democracy to underline the benefits of the Chinese regime Unlike his American counterpart, the Chinese head of state can benefit from a long-term vision of his country’s interests. are withdrawn from the Paris agreement, signed in December 2015, to fight against global warming, China appears as the good student in the field.


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