The Syrian Army has discovered and fought against units of the Daesh terrorist group inside the so-called US-controlled “al-Tanf security zone” in the south of the country. It is to be believed that Americans support Daesh terrorists.

According to a source in the Syrian army, the Syrian military has undertaken to seize the strategic area of ​​Bi’ir Atshan located in the al-Tanf campaign on Friday, March 9, as part of a new operation to counter the movement of US-backed terrorists.

The Syrian army expected to find a deserted place and intended to establish new positions throughout the region. In this case, Syrian Army units met with Daesh terrorists in the Bi’ir Atshan area and briefly detained them before the extremist elements retreated to the Iraqi border.

Syrian forces could not pursue terrorist elements to the city of al-Tanf because they were allegedly bombed by US warplanes (as happened more than once) for any further penetration of the region illegally controlled by the United States.

Bi’ir Atshan is located just inside the 55-kilometer buffer zone of the US Army in southern Syria. Considering that the Daesh terrorists encountered were embedded in vans, it is hard to believe that US aerial surveillance was unaware of their presence.

The Syrian Army has since begun to establish positions throughout the Bi’ir Atshan region.

The remnants of armed groups supported by the American coalition now control only small territories. Without the support of US aviation, these terrorist elements are prone to panic and take the next bus to Idlib.

Thus the risk of a frontal conflict between the Syrian army and the Americans increases more and more.


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