Yemeni army spokesman Colonel Aziz Rashid

Rashid said in remarks to “Al-Masriya Net”: the statements of the commander of the US Navy is not surprising, but preceded by Saudi Arabia to carry out Israeli flights over the holy sites of Islam to India.
He explained that the recent appearance of these statements in such a way that the commander of the US Navy boasts, is only an affirmation that the Arab positions are dead regimes and governments and the loss of Arab national security awareness of the seriousness of the next stages that will be more detrimental to the Arab and Islamic sovereignty, .
He said: “When the Revolutionary Command and the Supreme Political Council launched speeches that the aggression on Yemen is a Saudi-American Zionist, we knew and know it well who is the real enemy of the nation, explaining that the aggression was launched from Washington and US weapons and implementing their tools in the heart of the Arab region.
He continued: “direct aggression by the US administration on Yemen after the use of tools and the building of the moderate Sunni alliance with Saudi Arabia and the UAE and most regimes with Western countries hostile to Arabism and Islam.”
He also stressed: “If the Arab and Islamic nation closed its eyes on the problem as an internal crisis, it is seeking for itself the justifications of escaping not to face falsehoods and American and Zionist projects and the dangers that beset our Arab and Islamic nation.”
“But in Yemen, an army, committees, people and leadership, we have decided to confront the falsehood and tyranny in compliance with the words of Allah Almighty.” Those who believe fight for the sake of Allah and those who disbelieve fight for the sake of the tyrant.


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