Joint Israeli-US military exercises will continue until the end of March in Israel. © AFP

The commander of the US armed forces present at the joint Israeli-US military maneuvers, named “Juniper Cobra 181” said that these exercises continue until the end of the ego.

Lieutenant-General Richard Clark, commanding the US forces involved in these maneuvers, said, “These are simulation exercises that are based on a scenario of potential ballistic attack against Israel by various actors and regional front: Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

“Missile defense has been one of our joint priorities since the 1991 war, when the Iraqi Saddam fired 39 Scud at Israel and after the Second Lebanon War, during which Hezbollah fired 4,000 rockets at Israel. ” he added.

Recognizing the ballistic power of the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot devoted an entire article to the 51-day war of summer 2014 against Gaza and the shooting of nearly 4,000 rockets by Palestinians on Israel.

US Lieutenant-General Richard Clark (G) shakes the hand of Israeli Brigadier General Zvika Haimovich (D) during joint military-air exercises at the Hatzor base in Israel, March 8, 2018 Photo JACK GUEZ. AFP

That being said, the Israelis seem to hide the real reason for holding these exercises, one of the largest to have been organized in recent years. The Syrian DCA shot down an Israeli F-16 on February 10 in the skies of Syria and crashed in northern Israel. The crash has called into question what Israel calls the “superiority” of its Air Force.


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