security forces in Sinai

The Egyptian army announced the killing of 16 gunmen, and found 34 rockets and 4 dannas “RPG”, along with the killing of two soldiers, over the past four days, during the “Sinai 2018”, which launched last month.
The military spokesman for the armed forces, Colonel Tamer Rifai, said in his statement on Facebook on Sunday, March 11, that “the operations resulted in the elimination of 16 Takfiria, including 12 during the exchange of fire, as well as arrest On 3 of the Takfir leaders. ”
The statement added that the forces succeeded in the seizure of “underground store in Rafah was found 34 rockets and 4 dannies RPG,” along with the seizure and destruction of a store and a factory to manufacture improvised explosive devices in the city of Sheikh Zuwaid.
The results of the scientific “Sinai 2018,” according to the statement of the Egyptian army, “the martyrdom of a non-commissioned officer and the injury of an officer and a non-commissioned officer and four recruits.”


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