US Prime Minister’s wife, Sarah Netanyahu is seeking US citizenship, US media reported.
According to the report, during the visit of Netanyahu and his wife to America, Sarah asked during a special meeting with the brother-in-law of US President Jared Kouchner that she and her husband get US citizenship.

This insistence by Sarah came as a result of her concern about her husband’s arrest in corruption cases. In light of the anger of the Zionist society against corruption and the defeat of Israel in foreign and European forums in addition to its defeat before the resistance front.
Netanyahu’s attempts to cover corruption by controlling economic crises and internal identity outside the borders of the occupied territories, including the attack on Syria, failed.
Kouchner, a Jewish original and a leading figure in the Zionist conversation with Trump, said, “He should consult Trump.” But it seems that this demand is a negative reaction to Trump or at least his advisers, especially in these days of colder relations between Kouchner and Trump, which reached the exit of Kouchner and Ivanka Trump from the White House.
Many analysts believe that Kouchner had an important role in Trump’s decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, while on the other hand they believe that Kouchner’s interventions will reduce Trump’s chances of winning the second presidential term of the US elections.
Benjamin Netanyahu has been questioned for a long time on charges of corruption, receiving bribes and fraud, and the most important cases of corruption accused of files are 1000, 2000 and 3000, and announced the Zionist police from the end of its investigation in case 1000, indicating that it will forward the results of the investigation to the Attorney General’s Office next month .
The case of “1000” is due to Netanyahu’s prosecution of bribery and illegal foreign aid. The case “2000” is due to the abuse of power and the payment of bribes to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper for support and special coverage. The case “3000”
Netanyahu has been a key player in the implementation of these cases.


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