Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, and Faki Mahamat, Chair of the African Union Commission, Addis Ababa, Friday, March 9, 2018. © REUTERS

In Ethiopia, where he was on Friday, March 9, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reiterated the need for greater representation of Africa in the UN Security Council, the main decision-making body in the world. the world.

During a press conference held with the head of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki, in Addis Ababa, Lavrov said that strengthening the weight of developing regions of the world, including the Africa, in the Security Council was a “priority”.

“Russia has consistently supported the view that a reform of the Security Council is necessary”, but that this reform is only necessary “if the overall draft also takes into account the question of the representativeness of the Africa, “he said.

This question has also animated debates on the continent in recent years. At the Africa-France Summit of 2017 in Bamako, the Malian capital, African heads of state demanded a revision of the UN Charter to grant Africa two permanent seats with the right to, and two others of non permanent member.

In 1945, when the United Nations was created, many African countries were not represented. It was not until 1963 that Africa was better represented. But African leaders emphasize that this representativeness is not sufficient, given the size of the continent and its potential activities.


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