Ayatollah Khamenei

The following are the statements Ayatollah Khamenei made at this meeting:
The reason an 8-year war was imposed by Saddam’s Ba’th regime was due to the splendour and dignity of the revolution. When the Islamic Revolution was created, the splendour of this revolution petrified powerful global enemies of Iran.
U.S. and EU major powers, like Britain, France, Italy and Germany, all backed Saddam and helped him in every possible way. At the beginning of the war, Saddam’s army had limited equipment. Over time, despite being involved in the war, Saddam’s equipment multiplied.
The USSR—which was anti-US then—stood with the U.S. on the war against Iran because USSR had many Muslim republics and the Islamic Revolution would remind those republics of their Islamic Identity.
France provided Saddam with the most advanced jets and helicopters. Germany provided his regime with the most poisonous chemicals to be used in the war. Those who attack some group over accusations of using chemicals once openly provided Saddam with chemicals for making bombs.


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