European Union foreign policy

“We consider Trump’s willingness to approve Kim Jong-un’s proposal for a summit to be a positive development,” Mugherini told reporters. “We look forward to the results.”
South Korean national security advisor Chung Yue-young will announce an invitation by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to meet US President Donald Trump, Fox News reported Friday, quoting a senior US official.
According to Reuters, Chung Yue-young’s remarks came during a statement at the White House, adding that the South Korean official will also announce Kim’s commitment to halt North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Thursday that there were positive signs of negotiations with North Korea.
North Korea said it was ready to negotiate with the United States to ensure its security, according to “France 24.”
North Korea has confirmed its willingness to abandon its nuclear program and ballistic missiles, in the event of security.


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