Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim

“We are in close contact with the Iraqi government on this issue, whether to eliminate the region or to be very active in the region,” Yildirim said. “I hope we will develop cooperation to a better level in the near future,” Anatolian News Agency reported.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu said Turkey and Iraq would take joint steps against the PKK Kurdish rebels deployed in Iraqi territory.

In a joint press conference on Thursday with Austrian Foreign Minister Karen Knessell in the Austrian capital of Vienna, the removal of Iraq from the PKK and other terrorist organizations is not only important for Turkey but also for Syria and Iraq.

“Turkey and Iraq intend to carry out a cross-border military operation against the PKK,” Gawishoglu said.

The Turkish minister said that Iraq has achieved great success in the fight against “Daash,” but the elements of the “Labor” began to descend from the mountains to the city of Kirkuk at the moment.

Gawishoglu pointed out that Iraq will not feel safe with the presence of this organization on its territory, noting that Baghdad and the administration of the Kurdistan region of Iraq are very disturbed by the presence of militants, “the Labor Party” on Iraqi territory.

He pointed out that Turkey will launch a military operation against the Kurds in northern Iraq after the Iraqi parliamentary elections scheduled for next May, while expressing the hope that the process “olive branch”, carried out by the Turkish forces in cooperation with the “Free Syrian Army” against the Kurds in the region Afrin, northern Syria, may end by this month, but he pointed out that “Turkey is able to carry out the operations in Syria and Iraq simultaneously.”


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