The accuracy of ground-to-ground missiles is now maximal: they reach their targets within 10 meters. © Pars Today

Lieutenant-General Tollaï, CGRI’s Deputy Commander of Strategic Planning, said that in the naval sector, “Iranian cruise missiles are able to target their targets to the nearest millimeter”.

Speaking to the microphone of an Iranian radio station, Lieutenant-General Tollai stressed the need to use the local military power: “The defense doctrine of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on principles that meet the needs of the our country in terms of security, facing any threat, “he said.

“This need was felt more strongly during the Sacred Defense (war imposed on Iran by Iraq), from the moment when Saddam Hussein, supported by the Western powers and the Arab retrograde countries, entered a new phase. of the conflict by firing missiles at our cities, at that time we had only artillery guns with a maximum range of 25 to 30 kilometers, allowing us to hit the enemy’s remote fronts. given the overall sanctions imposed on Iran, we were not able to respond to enemy aggression, at which point the idea of ​​local missile the spirit of our commanders, “he explained.

“It is thanks to the cooperation and sacrifice of our valiant fighters, like the martyr Tehrani Moqadam, that our first missile with a range of 300 kilometers was able to see the day, and now we have capable missiles. to strike the most remote fronts of our enemies as well as positions that would pose a potential threat and that at a distance of 2,000 kilometers from our borders, “he added.

Regarding the statements of Western officials on the restriction of Iranian ballistic activities, General Tollai said that “another of our strategic principles is the massive production of missiles.” Since they are produced locally, the enemy his slightest action, will have to expect a shower of missiles. ”

He finally stressed that Iran would use its ballistic power only to respond to potential threats, while giving priority to the protection of civilians. The accuracy of ground-to-ground missiles is now maximal: they reach their targets within 10 meters. Cruise missiles are also accurate and efficient.


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