Iraqi President Fuad Masum

In his meeting with the First Vice President, Ishaq Jahangiri, Fuad Masum pointed to the availability of many fields of economic cooperation between the two countries. He said that Iraq welcomes the investments of the Islamic Republic of Iran in economic projects and wants the Iranian private sector to play a prominent role in this field.
He stressed that the relations between the two countries are based on common interests, saying: We assure you that Iraq will not participate in any action against its neighbors.
He referred to the negotiations that took place in the economic, banking and climate issues, and expressed the desire to benefit from Iran’s experience in solving the problems.
The Iraqi president stressed the need to maintain the unity of the Iraqi people at the current stage, and considered it an important factor to overcome the problems and maintain the cohesion of Iraq.
He added: Iraq will not forget the cooperation of Iran and its support for Iraq in the face of terrorist organizations, especially Dahesh, and today is in need of this cooperation in the reconstruction phase.


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