Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has condemned the repeated unfounded accusations by Saudi Arabia and Egypt against Iran.

Bahram Qasemi referred to unfounded allegations against Iran, indicating the weakness of some countries in the region to the realities of the region and the world.

Unfortunately, instead of emerging from the current unacceptable conditions in the region, political and diplomatic meetings between officials in some countries have proved to be unfounded allegations against countries in the region, he said.

He went on to denounce “the repetition of illusory allegations and insisting on following the wrong path that has been tested by them many times before and that has yielded no fruit but just by reversing the vicious circle of regional issues”.

In the current situation “we need wisdom and realism”.

“The Riyadh and Cairo declaration will lead the region to animosity, fear and falsity by viewing others as threats,” Qasemi said.

Such an approach “will come to nothing, but to backwardness, divergence and prepare enemies to capitalize on enemies and sympathizers to take advantage of it,” he added.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also condemned the idea of ​​Iran’s intervention in the countries of the region.

“Iran has always given priority to neighboring countries in its foreign policy and has used all means to settle regional disputes and promote convergence towards the establishment of security and stability in the region,” he said. -he adds.


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