New agreement between Qatar and NATO. © nato.INT

NATO and Qatar signed a security-military agreement in Brussels on Wednesday (7 March). The military organization of the North Atlantic Treaty has just published on its official website more details about the agreement.

This military agreement “will allow NATO forces and personnel to enter, circulate freely and use the al-Udeid Air Base for Alliance missions,” the statement said. written of the alliance.

The base of al-Udeid is located 30 km south-west of Doha, the capital of Qatar where are deployed nearly 11,000 NATO soldiers, mostly US air force.

The agreement was signed between Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

“The signing of this agreement aims to promote and facilitate strategic military cooperation between Qatar and NATO, to contribute to the restoration of stability and lasting peace in the region, and also aims at the development of efforts against terrorism. insecurity in the world. The Qatari leader said on Twitter.

After a visit to Belgium earlier this week, the Emir of Qatar will also visit Bulgaria as part of a European tour.

Qatar and the Alliance also signed a security agreement on 16 January, again at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Brigadier General Tariq Khalid MF Alobaidli, Head of the Department of International Military Cooperation in the Armed Forces of the State of Qatar, and Rose Gottemoeller, Deputy Secretary General of NATO, for cooperation between the two sides under the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI).

Brigadier General Tariq Khalid Mr. F. Alobaidli and Rose Gottemoeller signed a security agreement at Alliance Headquarters in Brussels on 16 January 2018. ©

According to the NATO spokesperson, this security agreement “serves as a framework for the protection of classified information exchanges, as defined by the 29 member countries. “


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