President Rohani, referring to the movements of some countries on the spread of Iranophobia, said that Iran still wants its dignity and never seeks to launch aggression against other countries.

Iran will never seek to launch aggression against other countries;
Speaking at a cabinet session on Wednesday, President Hassan Rohani said the historical facts reveal that Iran has not hurt anyone, has not occupied any country, has not bombed countries neighbors and did not put pressure on the peoples of the region.

He stressed that Iran is moving forward in the pursuit of development and progress, adding that everyone should know that Iran does not feel worried about the development of the countries of the region, including neighboring countries.

He added that Iran’s economic, cultural, political, social and especially military power is not against any country.

The country will not launch aggression against others by strengthening its military capabilities, he said, reassuring that Iran’s defensive capacity is only a deterrent.

He added that our weapons were aimed at strengthening security and peace and stability in the region and at blocking aggression against Iran.

As history shows Iran, 40 years after the victory of the Islamic revolution, did not attack others; and he did not take advantage of the opportunity, despite the fact that they existed in some cases, to wage war, according to the president.

President Rohani said Iran was still using its ability to promote and develop others as well, at the time of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, refugees from both sides were greeted by Iran.

Those who created Sabra and Shatila are not allowed to speak about the Iranian threat. Iran is no threat to anyone, Iran is the source of stability and security for the entire region, but of course, it will defend his rights with all his might, he insisted.


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