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The Russian Defense Ministry reported on the crash of a Russian plane landing at Hmeimim airbase in Syria.

A Russian An-26 aircraft with 32 people on board crashed in Hmeimim on Tuesday (March 6th) as it was preparing to land. The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed this crash. Is it a technical incident or a slaughter? Is there a link between this crash and that of an Israeli F-16, shot down on 10 February by the Syrian Air Defense Command, when it had infiltrated Syrian airspace?

Since its military involvement in Syria, Russia has widely deployed its fighter jets of formidable efficiency in order to bring terrorists to a standstill. Since the near-failure of Daesh and other militias on the ground, the United States and Israel have also been directly involved in the battlefield. Several fronts have just opened up in the north, east, and south of Syria, and US / Israel aggression seems to have gained momentum since Tel Aviv realized that the time of “free” strikes against the Syrian soil is well over.

US forces remain in Raqqa, but also on the eastern Euphrates and pockets scattered in the Syria / Jordan / Iraq border triangle. And it is from this area that the Americans have repeatedly stormed, the Syrian army and its allies of the Resistance to Deir ez-Zor.

As for Israel, it has allowed itself to regularly attack the positions of the Syrian army and its allies under the pretext of their “advance” towards the Golan he has occupied for more than 40 years. Meanwhile, neither the United States nor Israel has missed a single opportunity to try to dissuade Moscow from supporting the Syrian army and its allies: several ” attacks have been organized. It is therefore not impossible that Israel and America, furious with an endless series of military and strategic setbacks in Syria, will now want to face Russia directly.

A few weeks ago a test drone attack was launched against the Hmeimim airfield where Russian military forces and equipment are deployed. A few weeks later, a Russian Sukhoi-25 was shot down in Idlib by a surface-to-air missile fired by the terrorists who lynched the pilot. The Americans did not admit any responsibility for the crash, but Israeli involvement is not ruled out. It would be for the same reason that Russia would have decided to return the coin of the Israeli currency by causing the crash of the Israeli F-16 by Syrian missiles SAM-5 interposed.
Some experts do not rule out the possibility of Russian interference from the high-performance F-16 electronic fighter system just before the crash.

It is against the backdrop of these coincidences that a Russian An-26 aircraft has just crashed leaving a heavy death toll on the Russian side. The crash comes in a context of rapid progress for the Syrian army and its allies in the Ghouta, an advance largely facilitated by the Russian air strikes. Once the eastern Ghouta is liberated, Israel will have to worry very seriously about what could be the next step in the Syrian Army’s liberation war, commonly known as the “Battle of the South”. The crash of the Russian An-26 comes just days after the great speech of President Putin where he exposed the military power of Russia. If Israel has somehow caused the crash of the Russian aircraft, Putin’s response will not be long … After all, Putin has proven that he is not the man to cash shots.


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