Lebanese army soldiers ready to retaliate against Israel in case the Tel Aviv regime builds a wall along the Lebanese borders. (Photo archive)


Lebanon ready to launch a military action against Israel in case the Tel-Aviv regime begins construction of a wall along the Lebanese borders.

“If Israel has a concrete wall built along Lebanon’s southern border, the decision of the High Defense Council will be binding,” General Abbas Ibrahim, director of General Security, said on Tuesday (March 6th) before continuing. : “The inalienable final line for us remains the same border line recognized by international laws”.

General Abbas Ibrahim stressed that these walls built by Israel will never ensure its security.

Lebanon’s Supreme Defense Council on Wednesday (February 7th) ordered Lebanese joint forces to be ready to respond to any Israeli threat at land and sea borders.

The meeting participants promised to defend Lebanon’s legitimate rights to resources in the Mediterranean regionally and internationally. Regarding the question of the Israeli wall on the border with Lebanon, they replied that the construction of such a wall inside Lebanese territory would be a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. .

“We give the armed forces the political backing they need to act against any Israeli aggression at the land and sea border,” the Council said in a statement.

The Tel Aviv regime claims that the wall it builds is within its borders. The Lebanese government considers that the wall in question crosses a Lebanese territory, but that it is located on the Israeli side of the Blue Line, which the UN demarcated when Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000.

Lebanon also has an unresolved maritime border dispute with Israel over a triangular offshore area of ​​approximately 860 km² that extends along three of the five platforms that Lebanon has tendered at the beginning of last year. .


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