Turkish Forces

The Turkish-backed militants, led by the Free Syrian Army (FSA), took control of three towns in Afrin region, as Ankara has intensified Operation Olive Branch in Northwestern Aleppo, the sources said.
The sources further said that the army men and the FSA gunmen captured the towns of Sheran, Sherkan and Kharabat Sherenli after heavy fighting with the Kurds.
The Operation Room for Olive Branch said Sheran is the Eastern gate to the town of Afrin and the Turkish forces’ control over Sheran has opened the door to the Ankara forces to move towards Afrin.
The General Staff of the Turkish Army reported on Tuesday that a sum of 2,872 Kurdish gunmen were killed or captured by the Turkish troops and Ankara-backed militants with the framework of Operation Olive Branch in Afrin region started on January 20.
The general staff further said that fierce clashes are underway between the two warring sides in Northern Syria.
Meantime, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and government Spokesman Bekir Bozdag said almost half of the area that Operation Olive Branch aims to secure in Syria’s Afrin was now under the Turkish military’s control.


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