The Syrian army continues its operations in Eastern Ghouta. (Photo archive)

Whenever the West nearly lost in Syria, it is always the same story: It accuses the “Syrian regime” of gassing its people. The “Alepine Scenario” is happening for the moment in Eastern Ghouta, a strategic region that the pro-American clan does not want to lose.

It is against the backdrop of this anti-Assad campaign of denigration that the Syrian President gave an interview on 4 March to the media, where he highlighted the important points:

The Al-Alam reporter asked him about Eastern Ghouta and the paradox of seeing the Syrian army continue its operations and terrorists, continuing their rocket and mortar attacks. And President Assad to answer:

“Apart from the terminology used in the [texts of] international resolutions, the Syrian Army is not conducting an aggression to stop an operation.The Syrian Army is working to restore stability and defend the Syrian people confronted with terrorism.

Moreover, the original wording of the resolution in question [the draft resolution 2401], and not its definitive wording, was designed to protect terrorists from the moment Syrian Army troops began to assemble. around Eastern Ghouta.

But, regardless of who presented the draft resolution to the Security Council, when it was adopted in its current formulation, unexpected by the Western States, starting with the United States, because relatively advantageous because it to protect civilians while continuing to fight terrorism, orders were given to terrorists to continue shelling Damascus. That’s the truth.

The proof is the delay, a few days, between its adoption and the new draft resolution presented by the British delegation [from 24 February to 2 March]. The previous project did not meet their expectations, so they are looking for another one. And, in between, it is essential that terrorist gangs continue their strikes on innocent civilians.

What does that mean ? It only means one thing: we will continue to fight terrorism. We just do not just start doing it in Eastern Ghouta. We started fighting terrorism everywhere and from day one. We started in Aleppo … We started in Homs … We started Deir ez-Zor … And the Eastern Ghouta operation is the continuation of this fight against terrorism wherever it is. But, it seems that the programming of these resolutions coincides, most of the time, with the state of depression of the armed militia; which makes it usual for a draft resolution to come to protect them on the one hand, and to raise their morale on the other. “


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