Hassan Rahim Bor

In the past few days, some media outlets have misrepresented the statements of the Islamic scholar Hassan Rahim Bor Azghadi, claiming that he said that “Iran is the one who executed Saddam Hussein !!” Or “Iran seeks to impose its hegemony on the region” and so on fabricated statements.
These repeated allegations by some biased media are aimed at distorting the image of Iran and undermining its position among the countries of the region and creating a gap between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Arab and Islamic countries at a time when such situations and issues, Do not fall within the policies of the Islamic Republic.
Javad Ramdani-Nejad, the director of the Iranian channel “Horizon” attributed to this interview in a statement to Al-Alam TV channel, refuted these allegations, saying that none of these statements were discussed by Azzagdi during this interview.
He stressed that everything promoted by foreign channels and sites is completely unfounded.
This is not the first time that the mass media has broadcast these lies and fabrications, and this will not be the last time.


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