The United States and South Korea will hold talks in Honolulu

Since 1991, the South Korean Republic has paid Washington, under a special agreement, part of the cost of 23,500 US military personnel in South Korea.
According to the current agreement, which expires on December 31, 2018, South Korea pays the United States about $ 830 million a year for these purposes.
In his first address to Congress since taking office on January 20, Trump sought to reassure allies still worried about what he said during his 2016 campaign to commit to defense and continue the global leadership role of the United States.
But he also made clear that he expects those countries to shoulder more about their security needs, repeating what he said in his campaign messages that some allies had benefited from the generosity of Washington, which gave them a security umbrella.
“Our foreign policy calls for direct, strong and meaningful engagement with the world,” Trump told a joint congressional hearing earlier. “US leadership depends on the vital security interests we share with our allies around the world.”
Trump reassured NATO in particular of the continued commitment of the new administration to the decades-old alliance, but did not mention one of the main sources of European concern, his friendly talk during his campaign for Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“We strongly support NATO, which was founded on two world wars that overthrew fascism and a cold war that overcame communism, but our partners must meet their financial obligations,” Trump said.


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