Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri

Qatar continues to play a negative role and to sponsor terrorism and extremism in a material way and to provide safe havens for terrorists, which continue to interfere in the internal affairs of the Arab countries.
Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri assured the American delegation that Qatar has to implement the 13 demands of the boycott countries, stressing that Doha has not proved its good intentions so far despite the efforts of several regional and international parties.
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt announced in June 2017 the province of Qatar diplomatically accusing them of supporting terrorist organizations. As a condition for the return of relations, they asked the Doha authorities to implement 13 demands, including reducing relations with Iran, closing the Turkish military base in the country, Jazeera satellite channel, and the arrest and surrender of wanted and other demands, which have been linked to a long-term Doha monitoring mechanism.
Doha has categorically denied the accusations and said it was under a “siege aimed at taking over its national decision,” according to Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani.


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