The former Pakistani ambassador to the UAE has praised Iran’s role in the Middle East region, adding that Iran will emerge victorious from all US conspiracies.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Air Marshal Seyed Qaiser Hussain said that US President Donald Trump had adopted a very aggressive policy towards Iran, but that he was unaware that the Iranian nation was very strong and would not abide by US hegemonic policies.

The former Vice Chief of the Pakistan Air Force (AAP) said that since the success of the Islamic revolution in 1979, Iran has always defended its national interests and never accepted hegemony US.

The analyst expressing his point of view said that Iran has played and will play a positive role in the region. He added that Iran is a peaceful country and is making efforts to bring peace to the region.

Seyed Qaiser Hussain said Iran works for its national interests and takes a logical approach to global issues. “Iran is a very powerful country and that is not acceptable for Americans and Zionists,” he said.

The diplomat went on to say that Muslims must be united for peace in the world. He regretted that a proxy war is taking place in Syria but supports the position of Iran, which has taken a positive approach in supporting the government of Syria, which is on the right side.

“An organized campaign is being waged against the Syrian government and every day we come across false pictures of the situation there showing a false image of the Syrian government, which is trying to protect its own people against Western conspiracies,” he said. ‘analyst.

Seyed Qaiser Hussain said that Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates are all pro-American states and are pulling American policies for their own interests. “Sultan Air Base United States is in Saudi Arabia and there are many other important bases in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, so these countries can not go against the interests of the United States”, did he declare.

The analyst said there is no comparison between the role of Iran and the United States against terrorism. “Iran is trying to eliminate terrorism while the United States is the cause of the spread of terrorism,” he said.

He added that it is the United States that has flown Daesh residents from Iraq and brought them to Afghanistan to create instability in the region.

“We believe that Iran is the only Muslim country that is resisting American policies in the region and will emerge victorious,” he said.


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