One month after its controversial “recognition” of “the state of Palestine”, the Parisian outskirts of Gennevilliers called off its action under pressure from the local government.

The office of the mayor Patrice Leclerc, a politician of the Communist Party of France who, on January 21, made the so-called recognition in a document which he then sent to the other mayors, canceled the political document on February 14, the National Bureau against Antisemitism, or BNVCA, said Thursday in a statement.

Leclerc’s recognition approach is symbolic and has no impact on French foreign policy. He canceled it following the intervention of Pierre Soubelet, a politician for France in March! Party of President Emmanuel Macron. Soubelet, a former army general, heads the Hauts-de-Seine region, which includes Gennevilliers.

Mayor of the suburbs of Bezons, Dominique Lesparre, also a member of the Communist Party, also signed a statement saying that his municipality recognizes a Palestinian state. BMVCA has asked the Val d’Oise region to use its power to cancel the policy of Bezons City Council.

In a letter to other mayors, Mr. Leclerc explained that the recognition of what he called Palestine was intended to change the position of the national government on the issue that recognition of a Palestinian state should not precede the signing of a permanent agreement. creation of such an entity between the representatives of the Palestinian people and Israel.

“France, through the actions of its former foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, spoke at the end of 2016 about the possibility of recognizing Palestine in the event that the peace process ends in deadlock.” But nothing has been done “, Leclerc writes in his statement. “President Emmanuel Macron refuses to follow France but if thousands of localities in France publish this official order, this position taken by the municipalities will lead to recognition.”


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